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August 5, 2017
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Wildlife Rescuers and Animal Carers

My profession is website designer, developer and online business consultant. One of my main interests is animals, and something I care about most is animal welfare. I offer heavily discounted websites to animal carers who selflessly give their time, energy and money to rescue, treat and re-home pets or release wildlife. I can help groups of people and organisations raise money online so that they have the much needed funds to enable them to get on with what they're doing.

I believe that, on the whole, we humans care about our animal neighbours and we tend to treat them with respect and love. But we also eat animals, some people kill them for fun or profit, many use them for work. Sometimes humans are just downright cruel. We also inadvertently or accidentally harm animals. It's complicated!

Many people around the world work at undoing the bad - one animal at a time. Like me, they believe that everything has a right to live and a right not to suffer at the hands of cruel and uncaring people. And if we hurt an animal accidentally that we should try to help if possible.

This attitude was inherited from my mother, Norma Henderson, who for around forty years has been caring for, rehabilitating and releasing wildlife in Sydney. She's amazing! Selflessly and constantly tending to small mammals and birds in need of help.

Norma drops everything when a call comes in about a possum that's been hit by a car or a baby bird that's fallen out of a tree or there are animals in need of care and treatment after bushfires.

In the late 40's Norma went to Singapore to live, and there she made a garden for frogs, kept fighting-fish in the shower and brought home numerous stray and discarded puppies. In 1991, in Australia, she started caring for wildlife and joined WIRES, at a stage when wildlife caring was still in its infancy.

Decades of working with small mammals and birds, treating, rehabilitation and releasing makes Norma an expert in the field, and she shares her knowledge by writing about the things she learns in the process. She is highly regarded and respected and has written many popular books, white papers and posts.

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