TV News in New Zealand is a Lost Cause
January 15, 2018

Our Little Country, New Zealand, is Failing

Here in New Zealand things are getting pretty bad. Now that we’ve had this dreadful Labour/Greens government (known locally as the Coalition of Losers - "CoL") for nearly a year, the effects are being felt. Our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, is the former President of the International Union of Socialist Youth. She is a promoter of hard left socialism and of UN agendas. The only work she's done outside of politics is in a small-town fish and chip shop when she was 14 years old. Things will only get worse.

We’ve had a succession of strikes (teachers, nurses, bus drivers, P.S.A. to name a few), taxes are going up constantly, the government is shutting down industries – for example coal, gas and mining (our biggest earners), the dairy industry is being brought to its knees with the unnecessary killing over around 150,000 cows, the agriculture industry has been ordered to destroy huge amounts of crops because of a paperwork issue, charter schools have been closed with no consultation, there's rising unemployment with 4000 more people out of work in the last three months, and business confidence has plummeted.

New Zealand is set to spend $1.4 billion ($9.4 billion USD) every year for a decade to meet Paris Agreement targets. The (our) money will go towards paying other countries to reduce their emissions (really?). The Minister for Climate Change announced in January 2018 the Government’s first important step towards creating a Zero Carbon Act. “Today the Government is making the first important move to deliver on our commitments to be a world leader on climate change.” Unfortunately, it appears that 95% of those sitting in the debating chamber actually believe in this rubbish.

Recently I was involved in the demonstrations over the loss of free speech in New Zealand. I had tickets to see Lauren Southern, who I think has some interesting things to say about multiculturalism and I admire her for being one of the very few journalists to have visited South Africa and spent time with the families there. She’s highlighted the plight of white farmers, and the dangers to those left behind who are still alive.

The Day Free Speech in NZ Died

The NZ government stopped the private event going ahead (it’s a long story), and the mainstream media slandered her so much that people took to the streets to protest against the “white supremacist”. Of course, that was met by free speech advocates. It’s all become rather nasty and our small country is now very much divided. The prime minister, of course, sided with the viscous violent antifa-related mob. Shameful!

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