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Elusive Andrew Ward: Maggot from 70’s Sydney

It’s funny (odd funny). These days it’s relatively eay to find people via the Internet – a Facebook account, news articles, LinkedIn, work-related sites, etc. But there’s someone from my past who has proven to be elusive. With all his idiosyncrasies he impacted me when I was in my mid-teens, and every now and then I wonder how life has turned out for him. So here’s an online presence and a tribute to Andrew Ward (Maggot) from Sydney, Australia… once (still?) a talented poet, a tortured soul, the boy who carved AW♥AH in every bus-stop shelter from Palm Beach to Manly.


Andrew, Anita, Phil, Lynda, Ben, Gary, Felicity and Lulu in the late 70’s


  1. Ben says:

    Hi Anita!
    I am Ben, (the Swedish kid), I kept company with Andrew, Gary and Phil. I think the last time I saw you was when Andrew and I caught the train to Orange to visit you.
    When I last saw Andrew he was living on 200 acres about an hour west of Sydney In a relationship and with two or maybe three kids, that was in the late 80’s or early 90’s

  2. AnitaJH says:

    Great to hear from you Ben! The internet works it’s magic yet again. I’m pleased that Andrew is around… thanks for the update. I remember you, and I hope you’re well and happy. The pics I’ve added above should bring back some memories of the days you mentioned.

    Gary got in touch with me last year. He wrote “I’m going well. I completed 20 years in the Army and lost contact with our mutual friends not long after that. I play in a band, am married with two daughters and live in Brisbane”.

    I heard that Phil and Lynda broke up, but that’s as much as I know. Here’s hoping that bit by bit we manage to re-connect and see how things are turning out for our gang, now that we’re all grown up.

  3. Ben says:

    Thanks for posting the pics, they sure bring back memories. I am married with 3 kids, after spending 44 years in Australia I took my family to Sweden (2016) so the kids can experience Europe.We currently work and live in a small fishing Town. My wife (a Kiwi from South Island) and I are both nursing in the local hospital. We hope to return to Australia in a couple of years. The kids, born and bred Aussies are getting a bit homesick.

    • AnitaJH says:

      I’m homesick too. Ron (a pom) and I have been living in New Zealand for a long time now and we’re also planning on moving back to Australia in a couple of years. We’re looking at the mid-north coast of NSW so that we’re within reach of my parents in the Northern Beaches. It’s great to hear that you and your family are doing well. Maybe when we’re all back in Oz we can catch up.