January 13, 2018

Caring for Hungry Monarch Butterfly Babies

Today I had to do a mercy dash, having woken up to find that our baby monarchs had eaten themselves out of house and home. All the local garden centres were out of swan plants, as tends to happen at this time of year…
September 7, 2017

Fun with Digital Scrapbooks and Photoshop Layers

Years ago I wanted to learn how make graphic designs using Photoshop layers. I found a way that meant I not only learnt these skills, but I created something that I still enjoy today, after more than ten years. Digital Scrapbooks are fun to put together, give your photos a new lease of life, and by creating booklets of your designs you’ll end up with great gifts and keepsakes.
August 30, 2017

Cabs, collisions and mayhem on Sydney’s streets 1889 – 1891

Considerable consternation was occasioned in Pitt Street this morning by a runaway horse attached to cab 691. The cab was on the stand, in front of Tattersall’s Hotel, when the horse suddenly took fright, and bolted down the street at a terrific pace towards Circular Quay.
August 10, 2017

Wildlife Rescuers and Animal Carers

My profession is website designer, developer and online business consultant. One of my main interests is animals, and something I care about most is animal welfare. I offer o build heavily discounted websites for animal carers who selflessly give their time, energy and money to rescue, treat and re-home pets or release wildlife. I can help groups of people and organisations raise money online so that they have the much needed funds to enable them to get on with what they’re doing.
August 5, 2017

Australia’s Cassowary – facts, figures and… those eyes!

Australia is full of wonderful interesting animals, trees, plants and birds. I wrote about one of my favourite trees, the boab, in an earlier post, and now it’s time to share something about one of my favourite birds. Laughing Kookaburras make me smile, cheeky Parrots are hard to be beat… but for pure awesomeness the prize goes to the Cassowary. I’m going to ignore all the talk of them being the most dangerous birds on earth (because what are the chances… really?) and concentrate on how amazing they are. Information about the Cassowary’s size, sounds and habitat is below. But for me, it’s the way they look that makes them a stand-out in the world of birds. The Cassowary has […]
June 5, 2017

Balloons and straws littering our world

Walking on the beach today I met a kindred spirit who makes a point of picking up litter as she strolls along with her dogs. I stopped to retrieve yet another plastic straw and said to her “I have two pet hates – straws and balloons”. She agreed and said that she cringes in dismay when she sees hundreds of balloons being set off during commemorations. As do I. I get it… the spectacular symbolism of the souls of the dead rising up to heaven. It brings a tear to my eye too. But, it’s a fleeting gesture that has ongoing and dreadful consequences. Do people really want the last act performed on behalf of a loved one to be […]