Welcome to my online diary, photo album, musings and scrap book. A quick introduction; I'm 50-something and currently living in the Waitakere Ranges, Auckland - married with two dogs. I grew up in Australia in the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney - spent 7 years in England and 14 years so far in New Zealand.

A lot of what I like to do comes under the general description of graphics - hence the name. I spend most days building websites, doing graphic design and helping clients with their online marketing. My business is called i4design. This site is my playroom, and consists of a smattering of things that matter to me or news that caught my attention.
I may also occasionally throw in a few opinions on life, the environment and politics. If you read 'The Spectator' you'll have an idea of my political bent. I may show off some of my photographs or graphic designs, I may just ramble on about any old thing that comes to mind. Nothing's set in stone, and I've got no agenda - this is just a reflection of me for myself and anyone who cares.

The scribbly gums... they remind me of one of my favourite books I read over-and-over when I was young. Snugglepot and Cuddlepie is an Australian classic featuring gum nut babies, a cast of Aussie animal characters on land and in the sea, and scribbly gums. In the real world many gum trees feature the patterns created by Ogmograptis Scribula, the scribbly gum moth... or maybe it really is the work of those clever little artists, the gum nut babies.